Cannonball Saxophone

A relative latecomer to the scene, the Cannonball Saxophone Company was established in 1996 in Sandy, Utah as a maker of saxophones, later introducing their own trumpets.

They are often known for their Big Bell, Knight, and Vintage lines of saxophones, but offer other lines for intermediate players as well. According to the Cannonball website, the Big Bell Stone Series Pro saxophones, for example, includes two necks, nickel plating, semi-precious stone keys, brass resonators, and steel springs. They also have curved, straight, and arc sopranos available. (An arc soprano features a bell that gently curves forward, as opposed to the straight sopranos that have no curves at all, much like a clarinet). They also have nickel and silver plating options for these horns, in addition to the unlaquered "Mad Meg" finish. The student series that Cannonball currently offers is the Alcazar. Faux mother of pearl keys, adjustable screws, and a gold lacquer finish make this saxophone seem fairly generic, but Cannonball touts that the keys are shaped for smaller hands - definitely worth a try if the student in question is younger or elementary-school aged.

At this time, at least a handful of internationally-renowned players have endorsed the Cannonball brand, including:

  • Jamey Aebersold
  • Ray Gaskins
  • Piotr Cieslikowski
  • Gerald Albright
  • Dr. Tracy Heavner
  • Sammy Peralta
  • Jeffrey Allen
  • Timothy Ishii
  • Sebastien Trognon
  • Charles McPherson
  • Keith Anderson
  • Mike Dubaniewicz
  • Robert Zuckerman
  • Katja Rieckermann
  • Stanley Turrentine
  • Brent Jensen
  • Justin Robinson
  • Bootsie Barnes
  • Ben Appleby
  • Glenn Kostur
  • David Schiff
  • Glen Berger
  • Patrick Lamb
  • Edwin Sepulveda
  • Barry Bergstrom
  • Angelo Luster
  • Art Sherod
  • Diego Borotti
  • Branford Marsalis
  • Sam Skelton
  • Russ Bryant
  • Jerry Martini
  • Gregory Smith
  • Errol Buddle
  • Tommy Marth
  • Dr. Ray Smith
  • Mark Bunney
  • Joe McGlohon
  • Clive Stevens
  • Pete Christlieb
  • David McMurray
  • Erin Stroup
  • Heath Jones
  • Paul Perez
  • Marc Russo
  • Larry Panella
  • Brian Crowne
  • Skip Mesquite
  • Eric Darius
  • Marcus Miller
  • Edgar Wallace Jr.
  • Teo Avery
  • Pete Miranda
  • Ross Walters
  • Roman Dudok
  • Ralph Moore
  • Edgar Winter
  • Ralph Franke
  • Johannes Mueller
  • Glenn White
  • Mark Fransman
  • Najee
  • John Isley

The New Century Saxophone Quartet also endorses Cannonball horns.

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